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Testimonials for my Aloe Vera plants, vacuum packed leaves and frozen gel

These testimonials are from online sales and reflect the quality of my Aloe Plants supplied, both large and small, to purchasers in the UK and the uses to which people put them.

1.) Dear Phil, thank you for sending my large aloe plant. I have to say it was much bigger than I expected, and arrived safe and sound. I would have no hesitation in recommending your plants to buyers online. Regards, - Graham Cooper, Kettering, Northamptonshire.

2.) Evening Phil, my plants arrived today and I was most surprised at the quality. They arrived the next morning packed in strong card and I'm delighted with them, thank you. - Vanessa Walker, Birmingham, West Midlands.

3.) Thanks Phil. I appreciate the rapid delivery. My 3 year old fell off his bike and scraped his face. I was hoping the gel from the plant would help to heal the skin faster, hopefully with no scaring. I have in the past, used aloe vera gel from Holland and Barratt, however nothing beats the real thing does it? Kind regards and thank you again. - Rebecca Webster, Maidenhead, Berkshire.

4.) Dear Phil, thank you for my lovely plant which I have called 'Vera'. She has pride of place in my kitchen windowsill. - Louise Parsons, Oldham, Lancashire.

5.) Dear Phil, finding your site of aloe vera plants has been a lifesaver for me. I am currently having radiotherapy, which is affecting my saliva and making my mouth really dry. I also have heavy scaring on my neck following surgery. I've been using aloe vera juice to keep my mouth moist and I've been rubbing gel into my scars but would prefer to use it straight from the plant rather than out of a tube. Your plants have been perfect for what I need. If only I could make them last longer. With very many thanks, - Pat Hopkins, Ramsgate, Kent.

            5a.) (Phil's note: Thank you Pat for your kind words. Pat bought several smaller plants but they were being consumed too quickly due to her daily needs, so I suggested a large one would not only last longer and be more cost effective, but would give the smaller plants time to recover. Please remember that aloe can be used but should be with the agreement of your surgeon and post-operative care team.)

6.) Dear Phil, Just to let you know that I received the lovely Aloe Vera plant yesterday, which I promptly potted up and secured. Itís a stunner and very well worth the money. Thank you very much, Monika. - Monika is from Bridgend, UK

7.) Dear Phil, Thank you for the beautiful plant, it looks perfect, I have received it today and already potted it and nicely sitting on the windowsill now. Thank you again, Kind regards, Szilvia. Szilvia is from East Sussex, UK

8.) Dear Phil, Thank you very much for the plants and vacuum packs, they arrived in great condition and the plants are doing well. All the plants I have are doing extremely well despite my erratic care, though I do talk to them every day to tell them how grateful I am that they are here. Many thanks, Rex - Rex is from Gosport, Hampshire, UK

9.) Hi Phil, Thank you for the leaves they arrived in great condition, and for the comprehensive info leaflet. I have extracted the gel as directed, blended smooth and stored in a glass jar in the fridge, along with a few ice cubes in the freezer. Many thanks again. Best wishes Sarah x - Sarah is from Luton, Bedfordshire, UK

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Just as a reminder; if you order from me, this is what you'll be getting
Here are some pictures of the aloe's I send out, compared to the specimens you'll get on Ebay or Gumtree. Buy with confidence. I always try to do better than is expected of me.

These are my large aloe vera plants compared to normal grocery items

Large Aloe Vera Plants

Extra Large Aloe Vera Plants

Grow Your Own Large Aloe Vera Plants
These are my small 'pup' aloe vera plants next to some kitchen items

Aloe Vera Pup Plants Around 12-18cms High

Good Sized Aloe Vera Plants Sold

Top Quality Aloe Vera Plants
These are my test purchases compared to a 50p and a 2p coin:

Here's one I bought earlier from Ebay, cost £4
An Aloe Vera Plant Bought on Ebay

And here's one I bought from Gumtree, £4.50 + £1 p&p
An Aloe Vera Plant Bought on Gumtree

I was pretty upset with both these sellers. They used pictures from my other websites of larger specimens and then sent these little pups. Bit of a swizz really.


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