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Aloe Vera Products for sale

Aloe Vera has hundreds, maybe thousands of uses around the home for health and wellbeing.
Why not try some? Our Aloe Vera is 100% pure and natural, straight from the leaf.

1.     Aloe Vera Leaves Vacuum Sealed - Ready to extract the gel.
Do you have any of the conditions listed on the Miracle of Aloe page or the Health Benefits page? These pages cover everything from the severe to the unhealthy, from the inconvenient to the down-right diabolical.

External conditions like: athlete's foot, warts, burns, cracked skin, insect bites, scars, stretch marks, sunburn, abrasions, scrapes, cuts, scratches, dermatitis, eczema, itching, psoriasis, dandruff, acne, boils, dry skin, rashes, stings, leg ulcers, bites and wrinkles.

Internal conditions like: peridontal disease, gingivitis, plaque, constipation, denture sores, painful mouth, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis, weight loss, digestive problems, acid reflux, both types of arthritis (osteo and rheumatoid), digestive tract lubrication, ulcers and colon cleanse. I would also include general detox here.

Research shows that all of these conditions respond beautifully to the application, or ingestion, of aloe gel.

Imagine what you can do with a regular supply of vacuum packed aloe leaves. They last for ages in the fridge. You extract the gel as and when you need it, and apply it to the affected area or take it in a drink. Very convenient to use, easy to prepare and store.

Please go here to learn more and to place your order: Vacuum Packed Aloe Vera Gel

Vacuum Packets of Aloe Vera Gel Vacuum Packed Aloe Vera Gel

2.     Aloe Vera gel for internal use - Supplied as frozen cubes of Aloe gel.
Would you like to try our Aloe Vera gel? Do you live near Cheddar in Somerset? Supplied directly from our own homegrown plants and stock.

As this product is frozen and supplied as cubes, I need to restrict sales to people who live close by and can get home with the product quick enough for it to be still frozen. However, I am looking at bottle companies who can supply me bottles at a price that will enable me to get it to you at a reasonable price across the UK in liquid form. So check back now and again for progress on this.

Please go here to learn more: Using Aloe Vera for internal health conditions

Frozen Cubes of Aloe Vera Gel Frozen Cubes of Aloe Vera Gel
How is it taken? We take ours by placing one cube in a glass, add water, wait for it to dissolve, stir and drink. Usually with our evening meal. Remember, our gel is 100% Aloe Vera gel, with NO additions whatsoever.

To learn more about what it is good for please go to the supply page and read up the huge number of health conditions for which Aloe Vera gel can help.

3.     Using Aloe Vera as a rooting hormone.
I have spent many hours trying this method of producing new plants since learning that many people now use Aloe Vera gel as a rooting hormone. The science is easy. Aloe Vera contains salacylic acid, one of the plant auxins that stimulates root growth in cuttings and leaf nodes.

Please go here to learn more: Using Aloe Vera as a rooting hormone

Geraniums Rooted in Aloe Vera Gel Geraniums Rooted in Aloe Vera Gel
These are some geraniums that blew over in the wind and snapped off the main plant. I don't have the heart to throw anything away, but they had been down for a long time (around 24hrs), and so were very wilted. Nevertheless, I trimmed them back to one or two leaves, put them in Aloe gel for a couple of hours and potted them up. This is the result a few weeks later. A dozen or more very healthy cuttings which I'll plant out again next year. They have even thrown up new flowers. I see no reason why you should not get similar results.

You can buy our 100%, nothing added, nothing taken away, Aloe Vera Rooting Gel, by clicking this link.

4.     Using Aloe Vera for skin disorders and other conditions.
There are so many skin conditions that can be helped by Aloe gel, I thought they should have a page of their own.

Please go here to learn more: A: Using Aloe Vera for skin burns and bites
                                                B: Using Aloe Vera for skin aging and blemishes
                                                C: Using Aloe Vera for skin reactions and diseases

Help Heal Sunburn With Aloe Vera Gel Help Heal Skin Abrasions With Aloe Vera Gel Help Your Acne With Aloe Vera Gel
Things like: Burns and scalds, sunburn, radiation burns, insect bites, wasp stings and warts. Stretch marks, cellulite, abrasions, chafed skin, cracked skin, rashes and bruises. Psoriasis, wrinkles, scars, acne, boils and dandruff. There are so many more things that Aloe Vera is good for when you use it to activate your own healing potential.

Other Plants and Seeds for sale

Other plants and things I have for sale here at The Haven Healing Centre

1.     Yellow Pond Iris Seeds for sale. Perfect for lining your pond or marsh area

Yellow Pond Iris Yellow Pond Iris Yellow Pond Iris


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