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Order Page - Available During the Corona Virus Upheaval to Help Prevent Cracks in the Skin Caused by Extra Hand Washing

Thank you for watching the video.
If you would like to place an order for some Aloe Vera Leaves to use as hand and skin moisturizer/healer during this crisis, then please use the details below to do a bank transfer for the correct amount.

Once you've done that, or before if you prefer, please email me your name and address, so that I can get that off in the post for you with the minimum of delay.

The cost for 500g (or just over 1lb in old money), is 18.00. Price includes postage and packaging in the UK.

The cost for 1000g/1kg (or about 2.2lb) is 30.00. Similarly, this price includes postage in the UK.

Please don't order from abroad, the cost of getting it to you is prohibitive.

You can if you prefer, send cash, cheques or postal orders to the address below. But please remember to fold cash inside several layers of paper, to hide it from prying eyes. Cheques will take several days to clear before I can send the goods. Don't remember the last time I had a postal order, must've been 25 years ago. Do they still exist?

Bank Details for P. Chave:

Account: 10112156
Sort: 40-64-04

BACs payments are easy to set up. Log into your bank.
Please remember to use your name as the reference, and email me to confirm your order.

This will often (if early enough), go out the same day in the first class post. Thank you for your order. Let's all hope this bloody virus is gone very soon.

Address to send cash or cheques:

Philip Chave
The Orchard
Draycott Rd
BS27 3RU

Remember to include your name and address so I know where to send your Aloe Vera leaves. Thank you for your order.

Once you have either done your bank transfer or sent your letter, please use this email to let me have the details of what you've ordered. Email:

I'm sure most of you will have seen the video that talks about the CoronaVirus COVID-19, and how to use the Aloe gel to help repair the damage done to hands during all this hand washing we have to do right now.

If not, here is the link to watch it now:

What to do: If you can't see the video for any reason, it simply explains that when your Aloe Vera leaves arrive, you should wipe over the outer package with an anti-bacterial wipe before cutting it open at one end.

Slice off one quarter inch, or a few millimetres of the leaf. Rub this gel straight into your skin. Make sure you get a good smear all over the backs and palm of your hands, in and around your fingers, and include the wrists if it will go that far.

Leave to dry, which will only take a few seconds. The gel will react with the air and start to dry on your skin, creating a protective barrier, that will help to heal and protect the skin.

Remember to do this several times a day, and to keep your Aloe leaf in the fridge between uses.

All members of the family should be able to use it, unless you know of any particular allergy they may have to Aloe.

Your leaf will last for ages in the fridge and because you only use a very small slice at a time, will last for many days, if not weeks.

Questions and Answers

How much Aloe gel should I use?
On the video I used a very small amount to show you how far it would go. But, you can use as much as you like, as often as you like. You will get a really good sheen and gel layer build up, that will dry on your skin and protect your hands, even while continuing to wash your hands.

How can it do this?
Because Aloe gel has ingredients that can penetrate deep into the skin layers, through the epidermis, down to the dermis layers. Water does not penetrate the skin that deeply and so much of the goodness will remain in the skin. Aloe gel nourishes your skin from within and contains around 150 nutrients that the skin and body can use for health and healing. Aloe gel increases collagen production when applied topically giving your skin a natural, healthy glow. These effects are long lasting and help repair damaged and dry skin.

How much do I get?
The packet I open in the video was about 300g. So, on a minimum order of 500g, there would have been 2 packets. For a 1kg order there may be 3 or 4 packets, depending on weight. But this is good, because unopened packets last longer. I never worry about exact weights, if the packet is over 500g or 1kg, I send it anyway. Your gain.

How long do the leaves last in the fridge?
Once opened, up to a fortnight. If kept in the vacuum pack, 3 weeks, and another week or two once opened. It really is robust in storage and will last for ages. If you find that you still have some toward the end of these dates, or your fridge is not that cold, you can strip out the gel, put it into ice cubes and freeze it until needed. Just defrost one cube at a time to use for that day.

Why do I not just buy an Aloe Vera handcream?
You can, and if you don't want mine, you should. However, whatever you squeeze out of the tube will have dozens of ingredients; some good, some definitely not so good. But the amount of Aloe Vera will be in the milligrams. Hardly enough to do any good at all, and just enough to be allowed to put it on the label in BIG LETTERS to draw your attention to it.

Your thin slice of Aloe Vera leaf, on the other hand, is 100% Aloe Vera gel. This is all you need.

The hand cream you have bought will most likely have some, or all, of these cheap filler ingredients: Parabens, perfumes, alcohols, silicones and synthetic fatty alcohols. I'm not going to go into all the gory details, but these ingredients can mimic hormones that disrupt your endocrine system, affecting reproduction, digestion and/or metabolism.
Lab based ingredients, as opposed to natural ingredients, can cause allergic reactions, skin irritations, respiratory problems, redness and an impaired dermal barrier, which can make your skin more vulnerable to bacteria, viruses and pathogens.
Some of these ingredients are so unregulated that you can unknowingly be rubbing in carcinogens, allergens, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxic chemicals and environmental pollutants.
Is cheap hand cream really worth it???

Lets all hope this isolating and social distancing is over very soon, and that as many as possible of us come out the other side stronger for the experience.
STAY SAFE everyone!


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