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  Aloe Vera: When only the real thing is good enough    
  Experience the Wonder and Miracle of Aloe Vera for Yourself and Your Family  

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Contact Page

I always love to hear from anyone who is interested in Aloe Vera and its many uses. Please share your experiences by contacting me here.

Aloe Vera Plant Showing Cut Leaves     How to contact me:-
    Philip Chave (
    The Orchard
    Draycott Rd
    BS27 3RU


Tip: The sign on the road outside reads
'The Haven Healing Centre', which makes us so much easier to find.

If you are searching for aloe plants to buy online, I have lots and lots of plants ready to go. Please visit the order page to make your purchase and I will have it sent over as quickly as I can.

This site has a great deal of information about growing your own Aloe Vera plants and the uses to which you can put them for healing and wellbeing.

Perhaps I could invite you to order your plant and then come back here to learn more about them. Each purchase comes with a growing sheet and tips on how to use the gel.

If you order from me, here is a gentle reminder of what you'll be getting
These are pictures of the size and quality of Aloe's I send out to you, compared to the specimens you'll often get on Ebay or Gumtree. You can buy with confidence. I always try to do better than expectation, never less.

These are my large aloe vera plants compared to normal grocery items

Large Aloe Vera Plants

Extra Large Aloe Vera Plants

Grow Your Own Large Aloe Vera Plants
These are my small 'pup' aloe vera plants next to some kitchen items

Aloe Vera Pup Plants Around 12-18cms High

Good Sized Aloe Vera Plants Sold

Top Quality Aloe Vera Plants
These are my test purchases compared to a 50p and a 2p coin:

Here's one I bought earlier from Ebay, cost 4
An Aloe Vera Plant Bought on Ebay

And here's one I bought from Gumtree, 4.50 + 1 p&p
An Aloe Vera Plant Bought on Gumtree Sometimes sellers put up a picture of a plant and then send you something completely different, and usually a lot, lot smaller, as happened in this case with eBay and Gumtree.

Alternate website pages for Aloe plants.


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