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Treating Wasp Stings with Aloe Vera

Description: Wasp stings are fairly common during the summer months, but usually only if you disturb a nest site or the wasp feels threatened by your presence. They can be uncomfortable, but most people recover quickly and without complications. The wasp's stinger contains venom which is a strong alkali that can cause significant pain, burning and irritation. Some people have an allergic response (anaphylaxis) and may need medical attention, but most can treat a sting at home.

Wasps keep their stinger and use it again and again, little buggers. But if one has been dislodged and is stuck in your skin remove it as soon as possible. This can happen with bees, for example, as they only sting once and leave the stinger behind with venom sacs attached that continue pumping venom even after having the entire stinger tackle ripped from their rear end.

If you develop a raised welt around the sting site, it will likely be fiery red, swollen and itchy. There may be a small puncture mark. Just as a precaution, consider getting a tetanus jab within several days of the sting if you havenít had a booster in the last 10 years.

Just a note about speed of delivery: As it can take some time for your leaves to arrive, it is best to order them early and have the gel ready in the freezer before the summer season starts. PLEASE DO THAT NOW! Once the leaves are cut I need to stand them on end to drain out the aloin for 12-15 hrs. Then pack them up and get them to a postal depot for collection by the delivery service. This is often the next day. Then we must wait for delivery to your door. Frozen gel will last for a year or more in your freezer, so please do it now to avoid having to wait.

Aloe Vera Gel for Wasp Stings
Aloe Vera Gel to Help Wasp Stings

What can I do about Wasp stings?
If you want to treat your condition naturally, or in conjunction with a conventional treatment, you might like to try using our Aloe Vera gel. The gel contains dozens of different nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, sugars, anthraquinones or phenolic compounds, lignin, saponins, sterols and salicylic acid. Often these are the very constituents found in your medication.

How do I use my gel when it arrives?
As mentioned earlier, hopefully you will have this ready in the freezer for immediate use. First, wash the sting area with soap and water to remove any venom or pus erupting from the sting site. Use the gel in its frozen state and circle around the sting. Keep the cube moving as it slowly dissolves. This will help reduce pain and swelling, and reduce the likelihood of any infection taking hold. Aloe's antibacterial properties will help here. Allow the aloe gel to start to dry and either leave open or cover softly with a bandage.

Another way is to soak a cotton pad in the dissolved gel and place it on top of the affected area of skin. Hold in place for several minutes, or again, cover with bandage to keep it next to the skin. The gel will continue to do its job of healing the sting area and reducing all of the sting symptoms.

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Order freshly cut Aloe Vera leaves in a long lasting vacuum pack. 100% natural, straight from the plant. Vacuum sealed for freshness and to seal in the nutrients, vitamins, sugars and minerals.

Large Aloe Vera Leaves - Vacuum Sealed
Note: Price includes post and packaging to the UK
Aloe Vera slices and vacuum packs

Aloe Vera Slice and Vacuum Pack

What do I do when my leaves arrive? Just follow these simple instructions.

Cut Open the Vacuum Packs

Cut open the vacuum packs and wipe your leaves clean
Slice off the spines

Slice off the spines on both sides with a sharp knife
Remove the skin

Slide a dessert spoon between the skin and gel to separate
Scoop out the gel

Scoop out the gel from the leaf using the same spoon
Spin or whisk in a liquidizer or nutribullet

Liquidize for up to 30 secs in a liquidizer, whisk or nutribullet
Pour into ice cube trays

Once spun the gel will become a liquid. Pour into ice cube trays

Place in freezer. A full freeze usually takes around 24hrs
To drink: Defrost in a glas of warm water

Internal use: Place cube/s in glass, add water, allow to defrost, drink
External use: Defrost and apply to skin

External use: Defrost undiluted, apply to skin, or rub cube on directly

Please contact me when your condition improves. I really love to hear your stories.

Disclaimer: Aloe Vera is known to be a wonderful cure-all around the world and back again. But it is always best to keep an open mind on both sides of the orthodox and natural remedies debate, and cherry pick the best solution on a condition by condition basis. Natural remedies alone may not always help to cure your condition, especially if there are contributory factors. If the condition worsens or takes longer than anticipated to recover, you are advised to contact your doctor. Normally, your aloe may be used along with any conventional medical treatment offered.

REFERENCES: Evidence studies and research papers.

Here is the evidence that I have found to support the use of Aloe Vera gel in your recovery.

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