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Aloe Vera Health Story - Recovery Following an Accident with a Knife

Using Aloe Vera to heal a knife slip accident in the garden.

Here we go again! This time I was tying up the runner beans and netting the raspberries/strawberries when this happened. Here are the ingredients for my gardening disaster; string, netting, bamboo stakes, a knife and me!

I don't know if it my eyesight going, I'm in too much of a rush all the time, I really am careless, or I am paying some stored up Karma from a previous life, but what I do know is this is another prime opportunity to show you what Aloe Vera gel can do to help heal the skin.

I felt the blade drag across my thumb and knew this was going to be a bad one. I remember coming out with, 'oh, sh1t, sh1t, sh1t!' and then getting that sickening feeling in my stomach when you imagine seeing something hanging off. And all that in the split second before the blood starts to ooze out of the crack. So, I head for indoors and the sink in the hope that I don't faint before getting there.

Obviously the pictures below came after the clean up. I ran my thumb under the tap to clean out any dirt and to give me a better view of the inside. I needed to check that I hadn't hit a big vein or, perhaps more importantly, a tendon. So with magnifying glass at the ready, everything seemed ok and I could rotate and flex/extend my thumb.

Next a bit of surgical spirit and tea tree oil in the hole, while opening and closing the cut to work the fluids in, then flush with water again before covering with a bandage until the bleeding stopped.

Obviously I need to cover the cut to work, do massage, treat patients and anything else that may introduce infection, but for the rest of the time I like to keep cuts open to the air to dry, as they tend to heal faster. Several times a day I rub in aloe gel straight from the leaf and let it dry in situ. This gel dries to a non-sticky covering (remember copydex or bostic anyone?), which helps to seal the cut from the elements.

Here is a series of photo's from the following few days (8th to 24th May 2016) as my thumb healed. Note that the cut is a good straight slice and not jagged as in the workshop, saw injury. After the 1st stage of treatment outlined above, I only use aloe gel to heal the skin. Isn't it amazing how quickly this happens?

Day 1
Thumb knife cut cleaned with water and teatree day 1
Sterilized, cleaned out cut, stopped bleeding [bit of a gash!!]

Day 2
Thumb knife cut healed with aloe gel day 2
Settled nicely following initial clean up, no pain or anything

Day 4
Thumb knife cut healed with aloe gel day 4
Some inflammation and crusting over cut ends to form barrier

The Knife
The knife
Note the clean bit of blade. Tetanus jab up to date!

Day 6
Thumb knife cut healed with aloe gel day 6
The inflammation response shrinks back which pulls the wound together

Day 7
Thumb knife cut healed with aloe gel day 7
The Inflammation and scab phase are protecting and working well

Awareness Note: I know that ideally I should have put a stitch in this wound to speed things up and create less of a scar, and in any other circumstance that's what I'd have done. But I left it because this was a prime opportunity to show you what aloe can do even when it doesn't have the added advantage of extra medical help. I'm NOT doing this to encourage you to be less cautious, not at all, but to show you how wonderful Aloe really is!

Day 8
Thumb knife cut healed with aloe gel day 8
Fibroblast cells enter wound, collagen fibers form connective tissue

Day 10
Thumb knife cut healed with aloe gel day 10
Surface skin tissue now starting to heal over

Day 11
Thumb knife cut healed with aloe gel day 11
Top edges forming scar tissue and closing the wound

Day 13
Thumb knife cut healed with aloe gel day 13
Scab going, dermis and epidermis connect and contract to close wound

Day 14
Thumb knife cut healed with aloe gel day 14
Almost there. Flaky skin is all that's left

Day 16
Thumb knife cut healed with aloe gel day 16
Skin likely to be much stronger than it was before the wound

UPDATE: My thumb picture, fully healed. This picture (June 2016) was taken exactly one month after the original accident. There is still a small scar in this picture, but I allowed this to develop on purpose, partly as an experiment to me and partly to show you the extraordinary healing properties of Aloe Vera gel. This scar this is still fading and is hardly visible (Aug 2017). Good old Aloe Vera.

Thank Heavens for Aloe Vera

This, and the other injury pages, demonstrate why we believe Aloe Vera is one of the best plants any of us can own and have around the house. It has so many uses and is available in an instant just by cutting off a leaf and squeezing out the gel.

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