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Aloe Vera Health Story - Recovery following an Accident in the Kitchen

Using Aloe Vera to heal a scalding accident whilst cooking.

A little while ago my wife (Jill) burned her hand on a saucepan handle and scalded it quite badly. Thankfully the chances we get to test how Aloe Vera performs under these circumstances are mercifully few, and I hope we never have to do it again. But the burn to her hand healed in less than a week! I'm sharing this with you because firstly, I think that is pretty marvelous, and second, it opens up possibilities to anyone else with the same problem.

Luckily her reflexes were very quick and she let go immediately, however, not before she grasped the handle to pick up the pan. You know when a pan has hot water and vegetables in it, it can weigh quite a bit so you tend to hold the handle with some force, to prevent dropping the pan or having it slip from your fingers. It is normal then to grip firmly which tends to make a burn injury worse than it might otherwise be.

Day 1 - Jill's right hand is blistered, red and scalded in the accident, and quite painful
Blistered Hand Following a Scald Accident

She thought she had turned off the front gas ring, which had been on a few minutes earlier, but a tiny, almost invisible flame was still burning and the pan on the back ring had it's stainless steel handle over the front flame. We put her hand under running cold water straight away, and held it there for around 20 minutes. 20 minutes seems like forever, but it is very important that you get the sting out and arrest the damage to the cells from the high temperature.

Day 3 - Jill's hand continues to get redder during the first 3-4 days and white where it is blistered
Healing a Hand Burn with Aloe Vera

Following the cold dousing, we then placed Jill's hand on an ice pack used for reducing inflammation following sports injuries. We always have these in the freezer ready for just such an occasion. We continued to move back and forth from ice to cold water for nearly an hour. Good job there was something on the TV she was interested in, otherwise I'd have had a job keeping her still. Still, during each drying phase, I applied lavender essential oil directly to the burn, lots of it. We did this until the burning sensation came out of the skin, but still 3 white blisters appeared along the top of her forefinger.

Day 5 - While the main damage looks better, Jill's finger tips and skin are still a little crazed and red
Finger Skin Still Slightly Crazed and Red

This is only to be expected. The skin has to go through a damage limitation exercise as it tries to shed the dead cells and replace them with new ones, but without breaking down the top layers to quickly and opening up the cracked skin, exposing the sub tissue to bacteria and infection.

To help prevent this we applied Aloe Vera gel and juice directly to the skin, from the leaves of our home grown plants, virtually from the latter part of Day 1. This took the leaves of several plants over the next few days. This instantly reduced the burning sensation and calmed the stiffness of the skin which is trying to solidify due to the damage. Each time the aloe dried on her hand she would apply more and so was gently applying aloe gel every half hour or so. The crazing normally associated with a skin burn started to show but soon disappeared.

Day 7 - The blisters are all gone and there is no residual damage, not even the dead feeling you get with burns
Burned Hand Repaired in Seven Days

At night she would smear a large volume of aloe gel all over her hand and then we placed a sock over the hand so she could sleep and the aloe continue to work during the night. No other preparations were used at all besides the original lavender and aloe gel. These photographs show the progress of repair to the skin of Jill's hand over the course of only 7 days. A wonderful result, I think you will agree.

Day 8 - Skin recovery in this picture is complete, and no further action was required or taken
Blistering and Redness All Gone

Please be aware, you may possibly not get equally rapid results as we did here. It will depend on the severity and depth of the burn, and whether your skin is broken. Burns can vary in depth depending on how long your skin is in contact with the hot object and of course, how hot the object is. Red hot metal, or a flame, would ordinarily, do a lot more damage than picking up a hot mug of coffee or tea.

Also remember, there are many ways you can receive a burn. Hot dripping candle wax, or flame, an electrical burn, hot fat, hot water, fire, burning gas, electrical fire or cooker ring, kettle, chip pan, oven door, plastic microwave containers, the list is endless.

Luckily Jill's skin did not break and so healing was rapid and thorough. If the blisters had ballooned with fluid, they would likely have punctured, which would have increased the healing time. Please have an emergency plan in place, as we did, so that you can react and take action straight away. As with all these things, timing is everything.

Small burns you can probably deal with yourself if you have training or help. If your burn is over a large area and deep, please visit casualty or call an ambulance immediately. Always err on the side of caution. Burns, especially deep burns that cover a large area of the body, can be life threatening.

Never delay getting medical attention for serious problems, especially burns. Your Aloe plant will come into it's own later on during the wound and scar healing phase (this is what we mean by complementary healing).


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