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Aloe Vera for Accidents and Emergencies

Aloe Vera Healing Stories from Physical Injury:

Garden 1: Recovery following blister and thorn skin damage in the garden.

Garden 2: Recovery following an accident with a sharp knife.

Kitchen: Recovery following a scalding accident in the kitchen

Workshop: Recovery following a sawing accident in the workshop

Aloe Vera Juice Drop
There will be more to follow shortly.

For example, I have pictures of an upper forearm cut which I was using in an experiment to demonstrate scar recovery.

A bonfire burn. Not a big one, but a spark blew into my coat pocket and it was enough to melt my coat and stick to my skin before I realised what was happening. Thankfully, quick thinking reduced the damage.

A shin scrape. God they are painful, especially when you rake something hard down the shin bone using your whole body weight. Such as during a fall.

Flaking facial skin. Now this one is particularly troublesome as I've had nothing like this before, ever. But now, as I hit 60+, the dry skin can be a big issue. Sodding hell !!


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